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Literacy Advocate – Podcaster – Former University Professor – Author- Reading Clinician – Reading Researcher

Fierce advocate for literacy access, equity, and research-based practices

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My newest book | Published in 2023 | Foreword by Natalie Wexler

Read Alouds For All Learners

In Read Alouds for All Learners: A Comprehensive Plan for Every Subject, Every Day, Grades PreK–8, Molly Ness, supported by current research and personal experiences, demonstrates the sobering effect an absence of read alouds in classrooms has on preK–8 students’ comprehension skills. She provides intentional directions on planning and implementing a read-aloud routine that supports young learners’ literacy development, content-area knowledge, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement.

Highlights the role of read alouds in the science of reading

Overviews the physiological, academic, linguistic, and socioemotional benefits of read alouds

Presents a ready-to-use planning guide for reading aloud across content areas and grade levels

Gain tips targeted for each age group’s social-emotional learning and cognition

Professional Learning

I offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders.

Speaking Engagements & Webinars

I offer speaking events about the science of reading – for school leaders, school systems, teachers, state associations, and parents.

Educational Evaluations

I help parents / caregivers and schools understand their student’s literacy development through formal assessments.

Thought Leadership

As a tireless advocate for brain-based reading instruction, I’ve written position statements, conducted media interviews, and authored books and peer-reviewed articles.


“I always come away feeling inspired and invigorated, not just in relation to reading and learning, but to life in general, so thank you! You have a wonderful way of interspersing your practical advice with accessible theory and personal anecdotes – it is a real pleasure to hear you speak.”

Parent Workshop Attendee

“I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your time and effort. The staff has continued to share their enthusiastic responses to your dialogue and the ideas and knowledge that you presented. You have provided an incredible opportunity for our staff to learn how we can best provide for student success.”

School Director

“Literacy education is constantly evolving. Dr. Ness’s approach to literacy instruction is pragmatic and innovative. Dr. Ness teaches with finesse and creativity. The children in my class were highly engaged and enthusiastic.”
Former Graduate Student

”Dr. Ness delivered one of the best, effective and comprehensive professional developments on reading strategies the district has ever had. The participants were able to immediately use the strategies they learned to enhance student learning in their classrooms. I would highly recommend Dr. Ness to for your next professional development and/or coaching needs.”
District Leader

About Me

My career in education began as a middle school teacher in Oakland with Teach For America. I hold a doctorate in reading education from the University of Virginia, where I served as the director of the McGuffey Reading Center. I spent 16 years as a university professor; I am a prolific researcher and writer; I have written four books and numerous articles in top-tiered educational journals. In 2019, I created the End Book Deserts podcast, and in 2022 created the Coalition for Literacy Equity.

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I’m always looking for new opportunities and ways to support teachers, schools, and students.



Dive into a curated collection of PDF resources crafted by Dr. Molly Ness. These documents offer insights, strategies, and valuable information on various aspects of literacy and education.

Webinars / Think Alounds

Explore a series of webinars hosted by Dr. Molly Ness, where she delves into the nuances of literacy, shares her expertise, and collaborates with other professionals in the field.


Listen to in-depth interviews featuring Dr. Molly Ness as she discusses literacy, her research, and her journey in the world of education with various experts and enthusiasts.

My Work

I am a literacy advocate, a podcaster, and a teacher of teachers. I am dedicated to providing schools, districts, and teachers with practical and research-based literacy instruction. My books, written in an engaging and conversational style, are immediately applicable to the classroom – yet with a robust grounding in research.

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