Molly Ness

Literacy Advocate – Podcaster – Former University Professor – Author- Reading Clinician – Reading Researcher
Hi, I’m Molly, a passionate literacy advocate and researcher dedicated to enhancing reading experiences for learners of all ages.

My Story

Welcome to my world, where literacy advocacy, podcasting, academic expertise, and reading research converge. Driven by a belief in the transformative power of literacy, I am dedicated to enhancing reading experiences for learners of all ages. With my background as a former university professor and extensive experience as a reading clinician and researcher, my approach is rooted in the latest research findings, emphasizing the intricate processes our brains undergo when decoding, comprehending, and engaging with text.

My Professional Affiliations


Board of Directors, International Literacy Association


Chapter Founder, Reading League - New York State


Invited Member, New York City Mayor's Literacy Advisory Council


Director, University of Virginia McGuffey Reading Clinic


16 years as professor at Fordham University


Faculty, Brooklyn College CUNY, James Madison University, Windward Institute, St. John's University, University of Virginia


Elementary Advisory Board, Penguin Random House

My Approach

At the heart of my teaching philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of literacy. I view reading not just as a skill, but as a gateway to understanding, empathy, and lifelong learning. From my early days as a middle school teacher in Oakland to my tenure as a university professor, I’ve consistently championed the importance of brain-based reading instruction. This approach is grounded in the latest research, often referred to as ‘the science of reading’.

One of the cornerstones of my literacy instruction is the practice of read-alouds – for learners of all ages, and across all content areas. I’m amazed by the plethora of research showing how read alouds positively impact students’ comprehension skills, content-area knowledge, and overall academic achievement. Beyond the academic benefits, there is exciting new data showing the physiological and psychological benefits of read alouds. Through my work, I aim to equip educators with the tools and strategies they need to make read-alouds a central part of their daily instruction.

Dr. Molly Ness

Featured Works

I’m grateful to appear on several literacy-related podcasts, which draw upon my experience as an educator and literacy advocate. In these episodes, I speak to a wide audience – educators, parents, literacy coaches, school and district leaders, school librarians and media specialisists, and anyone interested in effective literacy practices. The ‘Resources‘ page complements the podcasts, providing easy-to-digest PDFs, engaging webinars, and informative videos that enhance literacy understanding. Perfect for teachers, parents, and researchers, this page is a key tool for those passionate about literacy and education.


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