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Frequently Asked

What is Dr. Molly Ness's expertise in the field of literacy?

Dr. Molly Ness is a literacy advocate with a rich background in education. She holds a doctorate in reading education, has served as a university professor for 16 years, and is a prolific researcher and writer. She has authored four books and numerous articles on literacy and education.

Can I invite Dr. Molly Ness for a webinar or speaking engagement?

Yes, Dr. Molly Ness is actively involved in webinars and speaking events. You can reach out through the contact page to discuss potential collaborations or speaking opportunities.

What is the "End Book Deserts" podcast about?

The “End Book Deserts” podcast, created by Dr. Molly Ness in 2019, focuses on addressing book access inequities and promoting literacy in underserved communities.

Does Dr. Molly Ness offer any services related to literacy?

Yes, Dr. Molly Ness offers a range of services, including literacy consultations, workshops, and professional development sessions. You can explore the “Services” section on her website for more details.

I'm interested in Dr. Molly Ness's latest book. Where can I find more information?

Dr. Molly Ness’s latest book, published in 2023, emphasizes the significance of read alouds in the science of reading. You can find more details and a link to purchase on the “Books” section of her website.



Dive into a curated collection of PDF resources crafted by Dr. Molly Ness. These documents offer insights, strategies, and valuable information on various aspects of literacy and education.

Webinars / Think Alounds

Explore a series of webinars hosted by Dr. Molly Ness, where she delves into the nuances of literacy, shares her expertise, and collaborates with other professionals in the field.


Listen to in-depth interviews featuring Dr. Molly Ness as she discusses literacy, her research, and her journey in the world of education with various experts and enthusiasts.


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